"Robert Levithan, a twenty-first-century Renaissance man with a fascinating and highly urbane litany of passions and accomplishments, was moved to write about his life and worldviews on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. The result is a gutsy, honest, and beautifully well-executed small book of essays, aptly and ironically titled The New 60 ..."

The New 60 by Robert Levithan

The New 60 - Outliving Yourself and Reinventing a Future is an exploration of approaching (and, eventually, arriving at) 60—an age that had once seemed beyond reach.

"Robert Levithan writes with the wisdom of a sage, the enthusiasm of a kid, the depth of someone who has seen the world from all sides and the humor of someone who always knows where the joke is hiding.", Tracey Jackson, Screenwriter, Blogger and Best Selling Author of Gratitude and Trust.